Sewing Guest Bloggers

*Only blog post 2 - Cotton Lawn Remaining *

Hi Everyone, 

We have decided that over the next few weeks we would love to host some guest bloggers our website and social media platforms. Initially it will be once per week for 6 weeks then if successful will continue fortnightly or monthly depending on the response and engagement from our followers.

Each week there will be a brief and you can apply for one or all of these blog post positions it's complely down to you. All of which you will recieve some token of appreciation for your time, some you will recieve free fabric others a voucher / online credit and some you will get both. Each of the weeks briefs are outlined below and posts must be completed at least 2 days before the scheduled publish date. 


- Minimum 250 words (edited and spell checked) talking about the garment you have made, the pattern you used (if you used one), what inspired you and most importantly the FABRIC. 

- Good quality images - Photographs of what you have made using our fabric is essential. 

To register your interest please email with GUEST BLOGGER as the subject line and tell me which post you would be interested in, if you have any experience writing blog posts and what you are planning on making. 

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(up to 2mts of Fabric)

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